Thursday, January 12, 2012

NYE and then some...

New Year's Eve found me and the family running the SARC - Great New Year's Eve 5k. I ran this last year and must've completely blocked out the big hills in my head because I mentioned the race to my MIL and suggested that she should come do the race with me. Oh, and make my hubby do it it, too!

Much to my surprise, MIL said she would. So I registered her and my hubby so we could do this as a family. Miss P joined us in the race, too. Not in a stroller (no strollers allowed), but on hubby's back! Yes, he did the 5k while wearing a 40lb 4-year old. I would've worn her, but seeing as how I was actually running for time and they weren't it just made more sense!

It was relatively warm considering it was NYE in Northeast Ohio. Normal temps are in the 20Fs - it was 40F and wet. The race was at 4pm - which to me is just an awful time to run as I prefer morning running - so we had a whole day to contemplate our strategy. Heh. Our strategy was to let me run ahead and run my race, then circle back and bring hubby & MIL in. The course was an out-and-back, so I passed them on my way in just shy of the 1 mile mark (on their side). I finished the race and beat last year's time by 3 minutes or so (but still not a great time - stupid hills), then ran back out (stupid hills) and met up with them around the 2.25 mile mark. They were bringing up the rear of the race, police escort and all.

They finished the race shortly after the course closed. Of course they still got to cross the finish line and the timing was still active, so they do have official times and did not get a DNF! Oh, and to make it even better? MIL not only finished DEAD LAST in the race, she also placed THIRD in her age group! Bwah! Her first race and she places. Go figure!

She's hooked! I've signed her up to "run" a race the first weekend in February. She said she'd do races with me and my FIL can watch Miss P. Finding someone to watch P while I race has been an issue, so this is perfect! I wonder if I can talk her into doing a triathlon with me... hrmm...

In other news, my working out with a personal trainer is interesting. Interesting in that the first session we worked together he asked me "How much weight do you want to lose?" Now, if you know me, you know that's not really a good question to ask. I don't particularly pay attention to the scale (as the last post indicated) and am more about how I feel, how my clothes fit, etc. I threw out a number (15lbs), but in the same breath told him I didn't really think that would be a reasonable number. Why? Because I know my body. I know what happens when I strength train - I gain weight! Muscles weigh more, stupid.

Anyway, last night I went into our session and I told him that I had gained three pounds over the last couple of days (which I'm sure was water weight or something - couldn't have been food, right?). So he got out the tools and we took new measurements of where I am. So yes, I gained three pounds. His scale said the same thing. Grrrrr.... BUT - according the little biometric thingy, I've lost 3% body fat (4lbs of fat!) - which translates into a 7lb GAIN of muscle. You should've seen his face when the light went off in his head. He FINALLY got what I tried to tell him our first session!

Other measurements - I've lost .75" off my waist, 1" off my thigh, gained .25" on bicep and lost .25" hips. So yeah, I'm (slightly) smaller, but heavier! Nice!

And now, for some random pics:

I got crazy eyes~!

Most recent sewing project: Elf on the Shelf

Yeah, she wasn't too happy. Lucky for her, she was only modeling it as it was a commissioned piece!