Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Now That the Running Updates are Done -- SEWING!

Many of my sewing projects start with a simple request from P: "Mommy, make me a _______ costume." And then I do. This project started with a pair of shoes. We found a simple pair of black Mary Jane's for P and she immediately groked on to the fact that they looked like "Alice" shoes. And so it began: "Mommy, mommy, mommy! Make me an Alice dress, please!" (at least she's saying please now, so there's that).

I used a basic dress pattern, puffed out the sleeves using the slash-and-spread method (a first for me), did NOT do a collar (not that I care, but she might) and used fabric / notions that I had on hand. The apron was completely self-drafted.

Alice In Wonderland Alice In Wonderland

(Yeah, I know. I used a brown zipper. It's what I had on hand. Whatever. She doesn't care and neither do I!)

Using the same fabric as her Easter dress, I whipped up this dress in an afternoon.
photo photo
(Yes, she's doing yoga while posing for the pics. She's an odd duck)

A shirt for me:
M6120 M6120 in action
McCalls 6120, View A. The fabric was a mystery jersey blend that I found at Mood Fabrics in New York back in January. (I still have some other fun fabrics from that trip, but inspiration is needed to make use of them.)

In honor of going to see Weird Al, Miss P wanted a "Dare to be Stupid" costume.
Ready to see Weird Al Dare to Be Stupid

And my most recent project, a special request from my best friend in honor of the opening of the last Harry Potter movie.
Professor Sprout capelet Professor Sprout hat

And the entire costume - Presenting PROFESSOR SPROUT:

Yes, she's holding a Mandrake Root:

Next up in the pipeline? Making costumes for Miss P's fourth birthday party. She's requested both a Pocoyo and a Toy Story party. So if I can get her to narrow it down... (I already have the fabric and an idea of how to do the Pocoyo costume. Doing the Toy Story stuff would be easy, too. Heck, I might just do them both.)

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  1. I need to hit you up about about making a apron for my DIL for Christmas. I'm so impressed, who would have known how talented you were!