Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Costume and Happy(?) Birthday to me.

On the last episode of Sew N Sew Runs we discussed Miss P's latest obsession, Pocoyo.

Today finds us with yet another costume from the Pocoyo world, Pocoyo's best friend Elly. I hesitated to make this costume because I didn't want the girl to get over-obsessed with the characters to the point that I'd end up having to make Pato, Sleepybird, Lula or Fred. But alas, who can resist that adorable face? Not me, apparently. So Friday we (P and I) set out to make an Elly costume. Simple sleeper pattern with modified headpiece. The head took the longest - there was hand-sewing involved (and we know how much I *love* hand-sewing...).

Here's the resulting costume:

She's very happy, but not satisfied. Now she wants a Pato costume. Oy.


Monday saw me celebrating (hah) the 21st anniversary of my 21st birthday. Unfortunately I did NOT get carded. Oh well - can't have everything, right? Sparse year for gifts, though. :( I received (in no particular order): $120 from the in-laws (to buy a new jogging stroller), a Keurig coffee machine (from the hubby - which he'll get more use out of than I will), a framed pic of hubby and P, and a couple of cards. Miss P wrapped up one of her craft projects for me. That was cute. We had dinner at Big Eye Sushi - which actually was disappointing. I mean the company was great, but the food itself was disappointing. It was my idea to go there (as I've had sushi from there in the past that was amazing), and when all was said and done, I was sad that we didn't just go down to Sushi Katsu in the valley. Oh well - what do you expect from sushi in Ohio?

The best part of the birthday, however, was Facebook. Now what would you imagine the rate of return is on FB for birthday greetings? I would think, as with anything marketing related, a 10% return on investment is amazing. Somehow I managed a whopping 27% return! Can you imagine? I had 160+ well-wishes from my friends! The love in the room was amazing! Friends that I see every day, friends that I see once a year, and friends that I haven't seen in 25 years - warm fuzzy feelings abound!


No real other news to report. I'm running again, having issues with my knee. Hopefully I will be able to push through it for the RR Marathon. I only have to run 7.9 miles. Shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully! Anyone want to train with me? It's 5 weeks from Saturday. I can do that, right? I ran a half-mary for goodness sake! Oy.

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