Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sewing Accidents Redux!

Time to get back in the sewing room! Miss P has finally outgrown the winter coats that I sewed for her two years ago (yes, I made them big. What about it?). We went to JoAnn's to find fabric to make a new one. P wanted another dalmation coat, but unfortunately JoAnn's finally stopped carrying that particular fabric. Instead, P picked out princess fabric. Shocked, I know. Pink, pink, and more pink. *sigh* And for the lining she picked out a lovely pink flannel with fairies on it because "princesses are in fairy tales, mom!".

We used the same pattern as the dalmation coat - Duffel coat, from Sew Hip Magazine (issue 21). I had to trace and cut the next size up. Easy peasy. The entire piece only has 7 pattern pieces!

Stop. Rewind.

Before I even got to that stage, I had to clean up the sewing room. It was still a disaster from wrapping Christmas presents, making the elf costume, etc. I'm pretty messy and sometimes I just don't bother cleaning up right away. Anyway - I was down on the floor, sitting on my knees, picking up assorted small pieces of detritus and when I went to stand up, a needle or something went into the tip of my big toe. Yeow! I don't think I cursed or anything. Actually at the time I didn't really think anything of it other than "Damn - a puncture wound. Better make sure I let that sucker bleed for a bit before putting a band-aid on it." So I did just that. Forced some blood out, then put an antibacterial band-aid on it and went on my merry way. Well, it wasn't that merry, my toe hurt like a mo-fo. But I'm a trouper, so I soldiered on.

Two days later, the toe was swollen, red and a lovely red streak started up my toe so I thought it would be best if I went to the Dr and got some antibiotics or something. One tetanus shot and an antibiotic shot later and I was on my way out the door with a prescription for more antibiotics and instructions to soak the toe.

Another two days go by and I'm now traveling to Southern California to spend two days walking around a trade show. On a gimpy foot. Thank goodness for percocet.

Okay, now it's two weeks later. I've finished the antibiotics, haven't run at all and the toe is still sore. And now it's turning purple. This can't possibly be good. So yesterday I called Dr Andy's office and told them the tale of woe - the purple toe - and they pretty much said "Can you get here now?" Off to the Dr's. Dr Andy poked it, and said "I'm sending you to a Doctor." I get to the new Dr's office, explain what happened and asked him not to amputate - seeing that I have a couple of half-marathons coming up! They xray the foot and lo and behold, there's a piece of metal in my toe! So much for the TSA and their super-mega-scanners! Guess who gets to have surgery? That's right, me. Right then and there! Well, okay it wasn't so much surgery as a scalpel and tweezer operation. There were stitches. Okay, just one, but still! Wanna see pics? No? You sure?

Okay, I'll just link to them, not embed them. That way you don't have to look unless you have a morbid fascination.

Two days post-puncture.
Two weeks post puncture.
Look at the pretty metal piece. Great bones!
'Tis only a stitch.

Cool, eh? So much for this weekend's race.

Okay... now back to the coat. Where were we? Oh yeah, pink princess fabric.




Miss P's babysitter asked if I would make a Buzz Lightyear version for her son. V is turning three soon, so it's a good bday present. Luckily I still had the pattern pieces from the dalmation coat - so I didn't have to retrace any pieces! From start to finish (not including shopping time), I managed to get the coat done in just over three hours! I guess it's true, the more you make a pattern, the quicker it goes together!




As you can see, P was none too happy to be modeling the coat. Oh well.

Next up, a new Cinderella dress for P. The one I made for her 2nd birthday is finally too small and too beat up to use anymore.

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