Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Five month recap. So Much, Sew Little.

After leaving off at Christmas time, so much has happened. But then again, not really.

January was spent being cold and miserable. Not much on the running front, not much on the sewing front. I did the Warrior Dash at the end of the month with my brother down in Florida. It was fun, but not nearly as difficult as it should have been. I ended up with nasty blisters on the back of my heels from my crappy shoes. Lesson learned - wear shoes that fit properly. My time wasn't great due to the blisters - I had blood in my shoe by the one-mile mark. So that stung. Near the end as I was approaching the cargo net climb, I was actually heckled by some drunks. They yelled at me for walking. I responded "I have blood in my shoes and I'm a pussy. Bite me." Yeah, good manners were not on the course that day.

It was nice to spend time with my brother, though, so there's that. And I looked FIERCE!

February brought NO running, but a little sewing. Why no running? The blisters on my heels became holes. I couldn't wear shoes that touched them in any way, so I spent the month wearing Uggs. Yeah, I know they're ugly, but at least they didn't hurt my heels. Anyway, to the sewing:

A pair of overalls for P:

Her Valentines dress:

A pair of hedgehog mittens:

Hubby and P went down to Columbus to protest SB5. My hippies!

In March, training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Half-Marathon started in earnest. I joined the Y and hit the treadmill. I culled the internet for a training plan and made one up that worked for me. It had me running three days a week - two short, one long. I didn't do intervals or speed work, which I suppose might've been to my detriment. But alas, I'm still okay with how my training went. I ran the numbers today and all in all it was 157.93 Miles Run (appx 32 hours), 139.12 Miles Biked (appx 9.5 hours), 11 hrs 35 mins Cross Training (Weights/Elliptical). No wonder I'm so tired! Heh. More on the Half-mary in a minute...

I think I only sewed one thing in March. P said to me "I want a Dopey coat!" She's like EF Hutton - when she speaks, I listen. My first completely self-drafted item:

April was just training. It seems all I did during April was run, bike and work out with weights. We did get down to Charleston, WV to see Huey Lewis & The News, though, so that was cool.

I also started taking a yoga class. I don't like it so much. :(

Oh, I did sew one thing in April - P's Easter dress!

The first two weeks of May were pretty much devoted to the Half-Marathon. Which I will get into in my next post... (stay tuned)

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