Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jingle All The Way

This morning I braved the 19F cold and made my way to the Jingle Bell Run 5K in Lakewood. My goal was to run as much as I could, but if I had to walk, so be it.

When I got there, I was jumping about trying to get warmed up and asked a guy to take my picture (because I'm vain that way). He was kind enough to say yes, and then we got to talking. I don't remember his name (let's call him Bob), but he said he was there on a bet. A marathoner coworker bet him he couldn't run a 5K in under 40 minutes. Now apparently he's not a runner at all, so the marathoner thought this was a safe bet. Bob was totally unprepared: wearing shorts and a polo shirt and no gloves (he at least had a Santa hat on). Anyway - when he told me of the bet I told him to stick with me - I could probably get him in under :40. (no guarantees, but I was confident enough that I could). So he agreed and Bob and I ran the whole thing together. And yes, I RAN the whole thing! Woot!

At about the 3/4 mile mark Bob said "If I weren't running with you, I'd probably be walking by now." I was pacing a tad fast for me, but I didn't think he could actually go any slower without walking so I sucked it up and held the pace. Around the two mile mark he was really appreciative "Man. I would've gone balls to the wall running and been passed out on the street!" is how he put it.

When we hit the three mile mark and could see the finish line, I told him to "Run, Forest, Run" and go ahead without me. Not only did he make it in under :40:00, but he made it under :35:00!*

I kept up a steady pace and crossed the finish line in an unofficial :35:32!!! PR for me!

For background:
Run for the Record 5K 09.18.10 :39:55 (12:53)
Project Homeless Connect 5K 10.23.10 :38:22 (12:22)
Jinglebell Run 12.04.10 :35:32 (11:27)

So yeah, really happy with how I did today.

Now off to sew Christmas gifts.

* as for the bet: if he had lost, he would've had to run a 10K. Since he won, the marathoner has to eat a McRib. I'm pretty sure the marathoner hates me right about now.

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